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Sports Therapy

Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft & Norwich Area

Welcome to New Leaf sports therapy helping you develop your health and fitness roots. At New Leaf we look at developing and strengthening your injured or overused roots to aid in the recovery and strength of your whole musculoskeletal system, looking at root causes to the adaptations that take place when we suffer injury or put stress upon our bodies. Anyone can benefit from sports therapy, irrespective of age or level of fitness, including people in physically demanding jobs, those that enjoy physical activity in the gym or fitness classes, those that suffer with tension and postural issues or may have suffered a trauma or immobilisation.

At New Leaf sports therapy I combine postural assessment, soft tissue sports massage techniques with stretching and corrective exercise plans, strengthening your roots, to assist in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries and pain. We find the root cause of your pain so we can eliminate it rather than attempting to just “treat” symptoms.

This approach is different than many other sports therapists, in that we are not only qualified sports massage practitioners but also corrective exercise specialists, which enables us to treat and rebuild your inured muscles and connective tissues. The following three tiered approach explains how we achieve this, please click on the short explanation videos to learn more.

What our Sports Therapy can provide:

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sports therapy
sports massage
sports therapy
sports massage sports therapy


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