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Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Remedial Massage can be used to prevent injury, promote healing and aid recovery of overused muscles. When the body is massaged there is an increase in circulation increasing blood and the supply of nutrients to the affected area, removing toxins. Sports massage helps to improve sporting performance and flexibility. Remedial massage can be used in the treatment of specific injuries, such as hamstring strains, as well as to help correct muscle imbalances, overuse and postural issues.

All sports massage and deep tissue massage treatments start with a thorough assessment to locate the root of your problems. The therapy prescribed thereafter may be an individual or combination of Massage, Corrective Exercise or Myofascial release therapy to aid in your recovery and injury management program.

What Tara Haines can provide:

Deep Tissue Massage

When you suffer from the following:

New Leaf sports massage will help when you suffer from any of the following:
• Postural issues or Sports Injuries
• Chronic neck, shoulder, back or sciatic pain
• Reduced flexibility and range of movement
• Soft tissue injuries & Post rehabilitation from surgery or injury
• Relaxation and stress relief
• Overuse & repetitive conditions e.g tennis elbow, carpal tunnel and shin splints.

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What we can provide:

• Postural assessment – identifies musculo-skeletal imbalance.
• Myofascial Release – Restores fascia & connective tissue to reduce pain.
• Trigger point therapy – The application of pressure to tender muscle tissue.
• Soft Tissue Release
 – Stretching & pressure techniques to isolated muscles.
• Deep Tissue Massage – Provides removal of toxins and release of tension.
• Firing Pattern Assessment 
– Testing strength in the muscles.
• Mobilisations 
– Mobilise areas of joint restriction – spine, ankle, etc.
• Active & Passive Stretching
 – Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation.

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The benefits of our Treatment:

• Reduce muscle tension, spasm and scar tissue and other adhesions, which can improve both circulatory (of both blood and lymph) and nerve function.
• Can help ease postural problems & aid recovery from injuries (e.g. whiplash, falls, sports injury) and reduces chronic pain, stress, anxiety.
• Improves mobility, flexibility and range of motion and increases or decreases muscle tone and length.

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The Cost of Sports Massage:

The in-depth sports massage training I have undergone makes our sports massage techniques of the highest standards at a sports massage certification level 5 VTCT.

• £35 for a 45min Treatment (Initial Consultation/Treatment 1hr)
• £25 for a 30min Treatment
• Sports Event Work – Contact Tara for Cost
• Loyalty Cards and Gift Vouchers Available

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“Sports Massage & Deep Tissue Massage to aid your damaged roots”

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