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If you enjoy your sports or have an active lifestyle and have or may suffer from a chronic or re-occuring injury then our sports injury treatment can not only aid in your recovery, but also develop a corrective exercise program to negate further injury. Through intensive study and research we have found that a lot of amateur sports and fitness injuries occur through musculoskeletal and postural imbalances and thus the training or fitness regimes or workouts you perform are flawed as you are building and developing on weakness.

Another area that New Leaf provides professional support is track, pitch or on location for pre and post therapy assistance. this allows a time critical therapy service that can promote sports injury rehabilitation management in the event of an immediate injury or Common Sports Injuries.

Tara Haines, Sports Injury Practitioner provides:


When you suffer from or need the following:

• Pre & Post Event Sports Massage
• Immediate injury during sport or exercise
• Chronic neck, shoulder, back or sciatic pain.
• Reduced flexibility and range of movement due to pain or discomfort.
• Overuse & repetitive conditions including tennis elbow, carpal tunnel and shin splints etc.

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What I can provide:

• Onsite Injury Management – Pre & Post event support.
• Postural assessment – identifies musculo-skeletal imbalances.
• Myofascial Release – Normalises fascia & connective tissue to reduce pain.
• Trigger point therapy – The application of pressure to tender muscle tissue.
• Soft Tissue Release
 – Stretching & pressure techniques to isolated muscles.
• Firing Pattern Assessment 
– Testing strength of the muscles.
• Mobilisations 
– Mobilise areas of joint restriction – spine, ankle, etc.

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The benefits of Sports Injuries Treatment:

• Onsite Pre & Post Event support which provides immediate assistance, advice and injury management.
• Provision of Functional Movement Screening to assess postural problems & aid recovery from injuries, which will reduce chronic pain, stress and anxiety.
• Improves mobility, flexibility and range of motion Improved circulation and lymphatic flow and increases or decreases muscle tone and length, through Massage, trigger point therapy and other remedial treatments.

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The Cost of Sports Injury Treatments:

The in-depth sports injuries training I have undergone makes our sports injuries treatments of the highest standards at a sports injury certification level 5 VTCT.

• £35 for a 45min Treatment (Initial Consultation/Treatment 1hr)
• £25 for a 30min Treatment
• Sports Event Work – Contact Tara for Cost
• Loyalty Cards and Gift Vouchers Available

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