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Myofascial Release is a specialist therapy used for the effective treatment and rehabilitation of soft tissue and fascial tension and restrictions. The Myofascial Release Definition starts with the word ‘Myo’ which means muscle and ‘fascia’ means band. So the muscle band of Fascia, is an embryological connective tissue, which is a three dimensional continuous web of fibres surrounded by a fluid called the ground substance.

When injured, the fibres begin to adhere to each other loosing their bounce recoil and creating a drag throughout its 3D planes. When slow gentle pressure is applied to the body using Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, this 3D matrix responds in a natural and intuitive way by releasing and reorganising itself throughout the body.

What Myofascial Release Techniques provide:

When you suffer from the following:

Any muscular problem which may include the following; holding patterns after poor injury management and poor posture correction, chronic site pain, repetitive strain injuries, scar tissue adhesions, lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, jaw tension or Sports and fitness injuries

What I can provide:

Releasing the fascia, means that there is more space for tissues to move whether for muscles to slide over each other or for joints to move. Movement will feel easier as restrictions are removed. Your posture may change and alignment improve. Through myofascial release we can achieve this by establishing:
• Continuity
• Connectivity
• Communication

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The benefits of Myofascial Release:

• Decreases Pain so that the body can heal by allowing the blood, lymph, and nerve receptors to work more effectively and by the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers thus eliminating the need for prescription drugs.
• Strengthens The Immune System by increasing the circulation of lymph throughout your body which thus speeds up your recovery from injuries.
• Improves Nerve Function and relieves the pressure that is placed on these nerves bringing a new awareness to areas affected.

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The Cost of Myofascial Release Treatments:

Our treatments are of the highest standards at a certification level 5 VTCT.

• £35 for a 45min Treatment (Initial Consultation/Treatment 1hr)
• £25 for a 30min Treatment
• Sports Event Work – Contact Tara for Cost
• Loyalty Cards and Gift Vouchers Available

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