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MLD for Lymphoedema

Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Norwich & Norfolk Area

What is Lymphoedema? there are two types of Lymphoedema we are able to treat which are Primary and Secondary:

Primary Lymphoedema – is usually determined from birth and can arise due to some failure of the lymphatic system. this can be through the under-development of the lymphatic system through growth. It may develop in different stages in life without obvious cause especially in adolescence.

Secondary Lymphoedema – is usually the result of a problem outside of the lymphatic system that prevents it working properly or as it should do. this includes the following:

• Surgury, particularly when lymph nodes are removed after the treeatment of Cancer
• Radiotherapy
• Cancer may block the lymph system
• Trauma or injury to lymph vessels


Tara Haines, CDT/DLT Practitioner provides:

MLD Norfolk, Norwich, Great Yarmouth

Treatment of Lymphoedema:

The first appointment will include a full consultation and examination, and discussion regarding treatment protocols, including whether MLD is appropriate for you, how frequent the appointments should be, and how long each session will take.

The standard treatment for lymphoedema is Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy (DLT). The four corner stones are:
• Compression (bandages or garment)
• Manual lymph drainage (MLD)
• Exercises to help maximise lymph drainage
• Skin Care

Treatment consists two phases, intensive and maintenance. The intensive phase involves frequent treatment with MLD and bandaging.

The maintenance phase begins when there is no further reduction in the oedema, usually after 2-3 weeks. Then a compression garment may be recommended. This is an important part of swelling control. The garments work by compressing the swollen tissues and stopping fluid from building up. They help to move fluid to an area that is draining well. The support allows the muscles to pump fluid away effectively. The design of the garments means that pressure is applied in certain areas to encourage the fluid to drain.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Norfolk and Norwich
Manual lymph drainage N&N NHS Norfolk

The Cost of Manual Lymphatic Drainage:

The in-depth MLD massage therapy training I have undergone, ensures all MLD techniques are of the highest standards, taught at the Dr Vodder Academy and supported by the MLD UK.

• Price will depend on treatment length and sessions required. please contact Tara Haines for further details.

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“Lymph is the best of the best, the most intimate and most delicate of the body.
One always speaks of the blood and its mysteries and it is called a special juice.
But it is the Lymph which is the juice of the juices, the essence bloodmilk = a very delicious liquid”

Thomas Mann 1924