BLOG - Part 2
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Corrective Exercise – Do you suffer with a reoccurring Injury?

September 3, 2014

Stresses of day to day life take its toll on our musculoskeletal system. Whether you have suffered from an injury, have developed bad posture or have built-up tension, all these factors can result in some muscle groups becoming weak and other muscle groups over compensating and becoming tight. This then leaves you more prone to injury – a vicious cycle!

Our Corrective Exercise Specialist, through functional movement, will assess and determine which muscle groups maybe weak or tight and overcompensating. You will then be given a specific stretching and strengthening programme to follow.

For more information visit Our page and take the first step out of the cycle of reoccurring injury.

First UK Primalblueprint Expert

August 25, 2014


Tremaine becomes first Primalblueprint Expert

Finally, Tremaine has become one of the first Primal Blueprint Experts. The intense but eye-opening qualification is one of the best informative and rewarding qualification courses he has undergone. This new knowledge which he applies to his own life has surpassed any other training or nutrition regime he has encountered and will be sharing his insights soon with the inception of Primalive – “Fundamental – Active – Living”.

If you are interested in changing your life and becoming healthier, fitter and more energetic in this hectic world then please contact us for more information about our Primalive program.


Sports Massage at Ride London

August 24, 2014


A big well done to all those that took part in “ride London” and raised money for their charities. New Leaf was massaging all those who were representing Great Ormond Street, which was really appreciated by all. Thanks to the Great Ormond Street volunteers for their warmth and hospitality looking after everyone after the ride.