Functional Movement Screen & Personal Training

functional movement screen

Have you ever considered why you are not getting the fitness gains you are looking for? or you find you are always injured?.. if the answer is yes then you need to consider why. Many individuals that look to take on the services of a personal trainer do so because they fall into certain categories such as:

  • They want to loose weight but don’t know how.
  • They need extra motivation to help them along.
  • They are training for a specific event.
  • They are doing so for cosmetic purposes.
  • They want to have a healthier fitter lifestyle.

What ever the reason they need to be sure to start off on the right foot, in that the initial assessment made by many personal trainers, only considers the desires and traditional level 3 physical assessments. This may lead to the unforeseen development of dysfunctional movement patterns, which translates as building on poor foundations, hence the reason for lack of progress or constant injuries.

At New Leaf, we consider the functional movement screen to be at the forefront of any initial assessment and as we are the only Functional Movement Screen certified trainers in Norfolk, you can be assured we are not building your progressive health and fitness development on weak foundations.

The Functional Movements screening process is an 8 – 10 min assessment which forms part of your initial FREE Consultation. After the screen the NewLeaf Personal Trainer will produce a graphical 10 page analysis of your functional movement disfunction and the recommendations required prior to any full development of training plan.

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